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Dunmow House Clearances is a small local business, more widely known as Essex House Clearances, providing affordable and efficient property clearance services to local householders, landlords and property agents. We are of course fully licenced under UK Environmental Agency legislation.

A local business based in the Braintree area, we don’t spend fortunes on advertising and instead take care to provide our customers with a friendly, personal and efficient service. Although most of our property clearance work comes from customer recommendations, we also work with local landlords and property agents, either on a one-off or for regular basis. If you represent a property management company or landlords and need help witha¬† property clearance, please get in touch for details of our referrals program.

We’re well aware that there are often unhappy circumstances surrounding house clearances and we do our best to be as discreet and efficient as possible.

When you contact us to request a property clearance quote we will arrange a mutually convenient time to visit the property to make an assessment of the work involved, and provide a simple no-obligation quote. Assessment visits are available 7 days a week and generally take no more than 20-30 minutes.

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More recycling, less waste

We think ‘waste not, want not’ is more than just something parents used to teach children. It’s a philosophy we follow, daily. We’d never describe ourselves as ‘eco-warriors’ or anything pretentious like that, but we don’t like throwing things away if we can rehome them, one way or another. More often than not, when we undertake a property clearance, we find furniture, electrical products, household items and other belongings such as books, clothes and so on that are still useable.

As we don’t operate a used-furniture shop or anything like that, we tend to donate the majority of good quality furniture we find during a property clearance to an assortment of local charities, help groups and voluntary organisations set up to assist those in need. Obviously, covid has made this far more difficult over the past year, but it’s something we are continuing with regardless.

Used clothes, for example, can almost always be donated to charities, even if they are in poor condition (in which case charities still generate funds by selling them for ‘rags’). Electrical goods can often be donated too, though some organisations won’t accept them if they don’t have an in-house ‘pat tester’. Good quality furniture is usually welcomed, although there are always certain restrictions. We do occasionally sell selected furniture and other items ourselves, allowing us to reduce property clearance costs, but this is always on a case-by-case basis.

Basically, we do our best (in the circumstances) to avoid waste. Anything we can’t rehome is then sent to a commercial recycling centre, where items are stripped down to recover as much as possible for reuse. We don’t take anything to landfill.

Charity Support

If you are involved with a registered charity or recognised welfare group and are in need of furniture, clothing or other household items, please get in touch with us (use our quote request form in the first instance). Once we know what you need, we will add you to our distribution list. We can’t promise to satisfy every need, but we always try our best.

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